Learn You Some Nashville Numbers

I created a little game that can help you learn to use the Nashville Number System. Check it out here: Learn You Some Nashville Numbers (source) I also created a port of the game using Ember.js which was fun to put together. One of the main challenges of the port was trying to maintain game state […]

Installing Ruby on Rails on Windows

UPDATE: Apparently this is a common problem, so if you want to go the easy route then use http://railsinstaller.org and disregard the rest of this post. I’ve been trying to get Ruby on Rails installed for the last couple hours and ran into some snags, but I finally seem to have overcome them. This page […]

Yamaha AUDIOGRAM6 direct monitoring workaround

I bought the Yamaha AUDIOGRAM6 recently to have something easier to carry around than my 12-channel Mackie mixer. If all you need is an audio interface for recording, then it’s pretty great for the price – USB powered, built-in compression, phantom power, stereo recording. If you want to use it live, though, it has a […]

To Node or Not to Node

I’ve been hearing about Node off and on for a while now, but haven’t really looked into it very deeply until now. I’ve really come to enjoy JavaScript as a language since discovering jQuery a couple years ago. (Before that I tended to shy away from it because it was just so frustrating to deal […]