Installing Ruby on Rails on Windows

UPDATE: Apparently this is a common problem, so if you want to go the easy route then use and disregard the rest of this post.

I’ve been trying to get Ruby on Rails installed for the last couple hours and ran into some snags, but I finally seem to have overcome them. This page is supposed to get you up and running, but it’s apparently more difficult than that for Windows users. So here’s the steps I ended up using:

  1. Download Ruby from [1]
  2. Install Ruby to C:Ruby193 or similar (make sure there’s no spaces in the folder hierarchy)
  3. Download RubyGems from [2]
  4. Unzip RubyGems
  5. Install RubyGems using the command prompt (cmd)
    -> cd “path/to/folder/you/unzipped/it/to”
    -> ruby setup.rb
  6. Install rails
    -> gem install rails
  7. Download RubyDevKit from [3]
  8. Extract to C:RubyDevKit
  9. Install RubyDevKit using cmd [4]
    -> cd “C:RubyDevKit”
    -> ruby dk.rb init
    -> ruby dk.rb install
  10. Create a folder for your rails app (anywhere)
  11. Initialize rails app [0]
    -> rails new “path/to/your/folder”
    -> cd “path/to/your/folder”
    -> rails server
  12. Notice that it tells you to run “bundle install”
    -> bundle install
    If it doesn’t work you may need to open cmd using right-click and “Run as Administrator” and try again.
  13. Now try to start the rails server again
    -> rails server
  14. Open your browser and go to http://localhost:3000 to verify it’s running


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